Designs by Brandon Mably



Knitting Color

Forget the flat two-dimensional color wheel. Avoid the primary, secondary, ad nauseam principles of color theory. In his first book, Mably, manager of Kaffe Fassett's studio, dramatically revolutionizes any stitcher's perspective on color by applying the three steps used in Fassett's global workshops. Eyes are critical; by copying an upside-down painting on a postcard in thread, knitters begin to realize that more than 12 hueful combinations are possible. Here, his inspiration starts with his world travels; nine countries, from Australia to the U.S., provide enough visual stimulation to fill at least a dozen books. Personal anecdotes and indigenous color travel photographs open each section; 20 patterns and the specific objects that inspired them follow. Hand motif pillows echo the kidlike designs on South African garbage cans. Brickwork on Venice's Doge's Palace provides the design for his St. Mark's jacket. Stitches are simple (stockinette); what's a bit more complicated is the working of the colors, whether stranding or intarsia techniques are followed. His ideas and designs are addictive but are for experienced knitters.

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