Designs by Brandon Mably


Colour in Design – Knitting Workshop


Enjoy a creative knitting workshop with Brandon Mably from the Kaffe Fassett Studio. This workshop is for all levels of knitters using stocking stitch, who are interested in developing their ability to use colour in design and inspires knitters to sharpen their observation of colour by working from source material and a wide range of yarns. Participants should end the day with the confidence to use their own personal colour scheme in any design they fancy.

Brandon started teaching workshops with Kaffe Fassett 16 years ago. Four years later, Kaffe took a back seat after teaching knit workshops for 30 odd years and handed the responsibility over to Brandon who has since been teaching colour in design workshops on a world wide basis.


In the workshop, Brandon will give an introduction on how to interpret colours from the source material into a knitted swatch. The methods of carrying yarn in fairisle and intarsia will be demonstrated. Attention will be paid to colour, and pattern. Only the basic stocking stitch will be used.

Participants are asked to bring size 6 to 8 knitting needles (depending on their own preference), scissors, a collection of at least 8 odd balls and windings of GOOD strong colours yarns (no black or white- thank you). Perhaps left over from previous projects, and a camera for a snapshot – (optional).

Brandon has been the manager of the Kaffe Fassett Studio in London for over 16 years, and a regular contributor to the design collections for the internationally distributed Rowan Knitting, Patchwork and Vogue Knitting magazines amongst other publications including his book Brilliant Knits, by Ebury Press, UK and Taunton Press, USA.

Workshop Supply List

Workshop participants should be requested to bring along size 7 US or size 4 UK knitting needles. Any good and strong coloured yarns from left over projects. Camera is optional.

Workshop layout needs:

  • A neutral coloured ( i.e. Cardboard or beige) pin board with long pins to pin up swatches. A large flattened cardboard box could be suitable.
  • A circle of chairs (not tables required)
  • Carpet or rug to place yarn in the centre of the floor
  • 2 side tables
  • A wide selection of colourful yarns
  • Scissors
  • Facility to photo copy a graph
  • Iron and ironing board


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